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.... first-ever cost-effective traveling "seatbelt"


.... significantly reduces the risk of serious injuries from falls 

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  • Reduces injuries

    • patient & employee 

  • Improves patient function

    • level surfaces & stairs

  • More Patients treated

    • frees therapists up to work with other patients 

  • Shortens hospital stays

    • walking sooner due to less fear of falling

  • Reduces equipment costs

    • less expensive than ceiling mounted gait systems

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* In 2016 - Institute on Disability/UCED (2017)



  • 46 million Americans and Canadians age 65 or older

  • 7,677 hospitals, 17,100 nursing homes, 18,000 physiotherapy clinics in Canada & USA.

  • WGA for use in stroke, Parkinsons, ALS, multiple sclerosis, vertigo, arthritis, & morbid obesity

  • Millions of multi-level residences in North America, Asia and Europe

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